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3D Printing use cases

3D Printer Repair and Service

We can diagnose and repair problems your printer may have as well as make upgrades. Our team offers a quick turnaround time and excellent service during the process.

Figurines, Toys, Fidgets or Fun Parts

Our extensive selection of printers and fillaments allows us to print any object you could desire, at an excellent quality to meet your needs. Simply send us any file using our online estimate calculator and you can expect the print in your hands in a short amount of time.

3D Printed Replacements

If you have a broken part that needs replacement but is now discontinued or offered at undesirable prices, bring it in and we can reverse engineer and 3D print a replacement for you that fits your needs.

Rapid Prototpying and CAD design

Our team can work with you to ideate, model, and print a custom part to your specifications. Our extensive knowledge in CAD design and 3D printing ensures that your part will be created to best fulfill your requirements.

Our materials